Hormonal acne is seriously the worst. No matter how often you cleanse your skin, what kind of products you’re using day and night, and what you’re eating, your hormones can cause eruptions all over your skin.

While getting to the core of your hormonal imbalance is probably the best solution in the long-term, there are some things you can do that will help you out in the meantime. According to dermatologists, here are the steps to take to help keep those pesky spots at bay.

1. Be ssure to cleanse thoroughly, and wipe away all makeup, dirt, and grime at the end of each day.

2. Consider taking a hormone supplement to balance out the hormones that may be causing your breakouts in the first place.

*3. Consider scheduling a regular monthly chemical peel to boost cell turnover, restore skin’s radiance, and inhibit oil production.

4. Be sure you’re not drying out the rest of your skin with your acne treatments. It’s essential to moisturize elsewhere if your medicated spot reducer is overly drying.

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