We don’t always have time to perform our 12-step skin care regimen every evening, and like everyone else, we sometimes cut corners on our ideal diet and getting enough sleep each night. And while you can get away with these habits once in a while, do them too often and your skin will show the effects.

Just like any other part of your body that isn’t getting the care it needs, your skin can become fatigued, too. Adding together hectic lifestyles, overworking, less-than-stellar diets, and exposure to environmental toxins, your skin ends up looking and feeling tired and troubled. The combination of these diet and lifestyle factors can create a stress-heavy environment which causes your body to produce excess cortisol which can affect blood flow in your body and damage the youthful collagen in your skin.


Fatigue often shows itself in the form of dull, dry skin, larger pores, and an overall tired appearance. If you find your skin suffers from these conditions, it may be a sign your skin is trying to tell you something. Even slight changes to your diet and lifestyle habits can improve your skin’s quality.

If your skin condition doesn’t improve, you might benefit from a skincare service such as Botox, laser treatment, or other rejuvenation procedure.

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