Pleasure For Her

Pleasure For Her

Many people get tired of giving “stuff” as gifts. Luckily, Jolie Vie offers many different services for women that aren’t just things they will toss aside at some point! These are services that will make them look and feel amazing!

Two of our popular sexual enhancement & rejuvenation services are the O-shot & Vaginal Tightening. Women often treat themselves, or receive them as gifts, around special occasions that celebrate women or intimacy: Valentine’s Day, Mother’s Day & Birthdays!

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The O-SHOT ® procedure works by using PRP to stimulate stem cells to grow healthier vaginal tissue. The shot is used to primarily treat sexual dysfunction and urinary incontinence.

The result:

  • Increased sensitivity
  • Tighter vaginal skin
  • Increased desire
  • Better, healthier sex!

What women wouldn’t want these things?? You can read all about the O-SHOT ® HERE. We also offer the P-Shot® for men, which you can read about HERE.

We also offer a Vaginal Tightening procedure with our state-of-the-art Fotona Laser Machine. You won’t find another laser machine like ours in Arkansas.

IntimaLase® Vaginal Tightening is a unique, patent-pending laser therapy for incisionless, non-invasive photothermal tightening of the vaginal canal. Clinical studies have shown that IntimaLase is an efficient, easy-to-perform, and safe procedure.

You can read more about the Vaginal Tightening procedure HERE.

Call or come by to book a consultation or appointment! *Don’t forget, with a Mother’s Day gift certificate, you can get 20% off any procedure! Details HERE.

Mother’s Day Specials

Mother’s Day is just around the corner! Jolie Vie has so many wonderful procedures for women. Our goal is to help women feel and look beautiful!

We have some specials we want to share with you all!

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In case the image doesn’t load for you, the details are also below!

If you buy a gift certificate for yourself or a special lady, you will receive 20% off! If you spend $700, you will get an additional $50 off! The certificates can be used on any procedure we offer! Now is the BEST time for many of our laser treatments! Summer will also be here before you know it!

We have a Botox special of $10/unit.

We have a Juvéderm special of $450/Syringe. Please schedule Juvéderm appointments in advance as we order for optimal use.

Give us a call or come by the office to take advantage!

2618 SE J St, Suite 10
Bentonville, Arkansas 72712
(479) 715-6505

*****We also have TONS of wonderful services that YOU or the special lady in your life would life! Check out website for all of the options! 

P Shot®


Not only do we offer O-Shot ® , but we now offer the P Shot® as well!

The revolutionary introduction of PRP (Platelet Rich Plasma) Therapy for penis rejuvenation and sexual dysfunction can help men with enhancement of erection, sensitivity and penis size. This simple, relatively painless office based procedure called the Priapus Shot® was pioneered by Dr. Charles Runels. It incorporates the harvesting and injection of one’s own plasma enriched growth factors or PRP into specific areas of the penis.

One must have adequate desire and sexual energy (often testosterone related), intact nerve supply and optimal blood flow. Penis size is usually a genetic matter and many men feel they would like to achieve more length and girth.

It is important to know that that not everyone will necessarily achieve the same results or satisfaction. It may take several weeks to achieve the full effects and there are a couple things one must do daily to increase the rate of success. The cost is $1,800.

Want more information on how the Priapus Shot® will help with sexual dysfunction? Contact us here.

To learn how the O-Shot® can help with Women’s Sexual Dysfunction, click here.

Dr.Lance Hamilton has been trained and certified to provide the P-Shot®. For detailed information, you can go to the official P-Shot® website here.