Hamilton Concierge Medicine


Not only does Jolie Vie Aesthetics have the most talented doctor performing many of our procedures, but he is also the Primary Care Doctor for many of our patients!

Dr.Lance Hamilton also has a medical practice and offers concierge services. What does this mean? Well, you can come next door, to his office, for a patient visit, OR he can COME TO YOU! Which, if you’ve ever needed a doctor or live anywhere that gets cold, you probably know that would be a huge help! Dr.Hamilton will visit you right here in Northwest Arkansas!


Offering a Fresh Approach to Medical Care:
When Dr. Hamilton first became a physician over 24 years ago, medical care was patient focused with more emphasis on patient interaction and direct care. He had more time with his patients, fostering a personal relationship, and allowing him a deeper understanding of the patient’s medical history.

Unfortunately, today’s medical practice is no longer about the person; instead, it’s about saving money. Government regulatory pressures, insurance company restrictions, computer technology, and time constraints create a barrier between the physician and the patient. The current infrastructure is not built to directly help the doctor-patient relationship. Money, instead of the patient, now drives care.

Dr. Hamilton is excited provide a truly patient focused approach to the medical field. Hamilton Concierge Medicine’s membership program restores that emphasis on personal connection, and ensures the highest quality care for each individual he has the honor of treating.

You can find out membership details on the Hamilton Concierge blog here.