Hyperpigmentation is another word for those unwanted dark spots that show up over time from age, sun exposure, and other hormonal factors. These spots differ from freckles, birthmarks, and moles, but are typically harmless. Even still many people find they don’t want these darker areas on their skin, especially since they often show up on the face and hands.

While there are many remedies out there that claim to rid your skin of these darkened areas, like serums and creams, one of the most effective methods of removal is laser treatments. Lasers work to shatter the brown area of pigmentation and break up the concentration, effectively removing it from the skin’s surface or deeper within the skin’s layers, depending on where the pigmentation lies.

Jolie Vie Aesthetics is the only practice licensed to use the powerful Fotona Laser in the state of Arkansas. If you suffer from unwanted hyperpigmentation such as age spots, sun spots, or other discoloration, you might be an ideal candidate.

Jolie Vie Aesthetics Hyperpigmentation