Do you ever wonder if there are evil fairies doing damage to your skin and hair while you sleep? Where did that pimple come from? How did your hair become a frizzy, fried mess overnight? What could be causing these unwanted skin and hair conditions in only a few hours? What is happening while you sleep?

While we’re pretty sure there are no evil fairies, it is more likely your pillow and pillowcase that is to blame for your blemished skin and unruly hair. Here are some of the scary conditions that your pillowcase might be contributing to while you sleep:

1. Premature wrinkles from sleeping on stiff cotton pillows and pillowcases

2. Dry skin and hair from cotton pillowcases wicking moisture away while you snooze

3. Hair frizz and breakage from friction caused by your cotton pillowcase during the night

4. Under-eye bags from pooling fluid due to sleeping on a too-flat pillow

5. Breakouts on your skin from resting your face on a pillowcase coated with sweat, dirt, and grime from your hair and skin

So what’s the solution? Switching to a silk or satin pillowcase can help, as well as washing your pillowcase regularly and sleeping on a fluffier or slightly elevated pillow can work as well.

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