Move Over Coconut Oil, This is the New Miracle Ingredient That Can be Used Topically and Ingested

One natural effect of aging is the laxity of the skin. This causes fine lines and wrinkles, sagging, and other unwanted signs of aging. That said, there are certain lifestyle choices we make that can positively and negatively impact the appearance of our skin. Things like eating a poor, inflammatory diet, smoking, and excessive exposure to the sun can have detrimental effects on your skin’s appearance.

Conversely, wearing a broad spectrum sunscreen every day, using a daily moisturizer that contains peptides and lipids, and being careful to eat a healthy, anti-inflammatory diet can all have positive impacts on your skin’s appearance.

One ingredient that we are well aware of that has incredible topical uses for soothing inflamed and burned skin is aloe vera. Applied to a sunburn, or other cut or scrape can speed healing, reduce redness and swelling, and overall calm irritation. But what you may not have known is that aloe vera can be consumed, as well. Aloe vera has been showing up as health-promoting juice shots, and even as aloe vera smoothies.

Drinking aloe vera juice has been linked to improvements and prevention of such diseases and conditions as diabetes, asthma, epilepsy, and osteoporosis. According to some sources, aloe vera juice is recommended for skin tightening, skin brightening, acne, and dry skin. It is also said to increase collagen production which can improve the texture of your skin.

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