How To Apply Makeup Without Aging Your Skin

When it comes to age-defying beauty, there are some general rules. Take care of your skin. Drink plenty of water. Wear sunscreen every day. But when it comes to makeup, the anti-aging tricks are more about application than they are the end result.

When you’re applying your makeup it’s essential that you not tug or pull too much on your skin with whatever method you’re using to put it on. Be it a brush, sponge, or your fingertips, the applicator is more of a personal preference. But make sure you’re touch is light and gentle and your skin will thank you. The more you tug and stretch your skin, the more prone it will be to sag and wrinkle in the future. And some makeup techniques aren’t the friendliest to aging for those exact reasons.

Having a light touch is important when removing your makeup as well. It’s especially important when addressing hard-to-remove products like waterproof eyeliner, mascara, and other designed-to-last formulas. It might be worth it to think twice before choosing these products over others that may not last as long but are easier to remove.

If you are already seeing signs of aging, you might want to consider skin care treatments to diminish these outward signs.

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9 Things I Learned from Having Botox in My 20s

9 Things I Learned from Having Botox in My 20s (

Most people don’t turn to Botox until they’ve entered their thirties or forties, but it’s becoming more and more common for women and men in their twenties to consider this incredible age-defying treatment before the outward signs of aging set in. Using Botox as preventive care for their face, hands, and chest is one of the most common procedures that people in their twenties seek out, in fact.

Here are nine things that one woman who regularly got Botox injections in her twenties has to share with readers who might be curious about this super popular cosmetic procedure.

1. There is no perfect age, across the board to begin this treatment. It varies for everyone.

2. The amount you need will vary from person to person, too.

3. It’s not completely, 100 percent painless.

4. You’ll want to skip exercising right afterward.

5. A bit of bruising during recovery is totally normal and should be expected.

6. It takes between three to five days to see the results you want.

7. Your mom will notice the difference, your boyfriend probably won’t because you’ll look like yourself, just refreshed, not like a whole different person.

8. The results will last between three and five months.

9. Botox prices can vary, but it’s more important that the clinician you see is experienced than the price you are paying.

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