When it comes to lifestyle habits that might be causing your skin to breakout, become dry and itchy, or exacerbate your underlying skin conditions, we are all guilty of some of these. Many components of our daily routines might actually be causing our skin to look and feel worse without us even knowing about it.

Here are fifteen eczema causes you might not even know about.

1. Dry air coming from your heater

2. Formaldehyde hiding in your beauty products

3. Extreme temperature changes

4. Hot water that’s too hot

5. Eating too much sugar

6. Irritating laundry detergent

7. Too much fragrance

8. Unmanaged stress

9. Using chemical sunscreen

10. Rough fabrics like wool

11. Frequently using hand sanitizer

12. Letting dish soap touch your skin

13. Allowing sweat to stay on your skin after it dries

14. Scratching your already inflamed skin

15. Exposing your skin to pet dander

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